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Terms Of Use
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Terms Of Use

  • User agrees that SaudiSMS full authority in that from time to time change the Terms switch, addition or deletion.
  • User agrees that the Saudi SMS are using standardized mechanism in the calculation of the cost of the messages and to avoid confusion and duplication, the reports submitted by Saudi SMS to calculate the cost of messages are considered final and will not accept any mechanism client uses to calculate the cost of the messages that the cost of the messages is calculated according to the number of messages that the Saudi SMS passed them and not the number that the customer is the cost of sending the message account in the following cases:
    1 - If Got the message of the device during the time of the validity of the message (48 hours).
    2 - If Not been able to Saudi SMS delivery of the device within the validity period for one of the following reasons:
    3 - If The response from the client device to a request message is received (unknown).
    4 - Equipment For the client is invalid or does not support SMS reception.
    5 - baka Device off or out of coverage throughout the validity period.
    6 - makrh Device is full and unable to receive the message.
    7 - oa Reason outside Saudi SMS validity and respect of the client network.
    8 - If Were Saudi SMS able to access the customer's network and send the message even though the network is not within the networks that support them or did not declare their support before.
    9 - If The client has intentionally or by mistake using any number begins to code any state support it even if the number is not correct.
  • Saudi SMS own systems based on the mechanism to receive a detailed report for each message sent and these reports is the king of Saudi's SMS client is not entitled to claim them without attachments to ask for help.
  • Subscriber agrees that the use of the system without harming others or fraud or manipulation or impersonating any person or entity or public or private institution will be closed and only the account without giving reasons.
  • User agrees not to use the service and not to send a message containing pornographic material or Asthzaiah book or year or any religious symbol, whatever the religion.
  • User agrees not to send any message jeopardize the security of any country or inconsistent with the policy of any state in whole or in part.
  • All confidential data can not be re-sold, distributed or shared by one unless requested data by official authorities.
  • The validity period of messages end with a full year from the date of the balance of the process of adding another.
  • Saudi SMS provides support for its programs available to the site provided that:
    1 - Do Not tamper with the basic structure of programs.
    2 - angdhae 6 months from the date of purchase of the program.
    3 - The existence arrears or financial disputes on the client.
    4 - The existence of security flaws on other programs or server in your work environment the customer could be detrimental to our programs.
    5 - msaolah Open port 80 on the server to connect to us beyond the scope of our mandate and assume the client contact the server administrator to open the port for Foreign Liaison and if the port is closed.
    6 - altakrab Deliberate programs or use BB code is considered suspicious and limited appreciation of the technical team to Saudi SMS.
    7 - Consent of the customer in full agreement that the Saudi SMS you need to enter the program and text messages when you need to identify the problem or repair and acknowledges that Saudi SMS apply maximum secrecy limits to all non-property and Tniy employees and Mbermjeha for detecting non-secrets or access to special programs the customer without the need for it.
  • Does not assume Saudi SMS any errors from third parties as an addition numbers are wrong or the use of Arabic in the name of the sender and the limited validity in delivering the message of the global network SS7.
  • Saudi SMS have the technology to ensure the validity of the figure "MNP" before sending to make sure that the process of user number and can receive messages, but does not guarantee a Saudi SMS provides the technical host of the network number.
  • Saudi validity ends SMS message when out of our servers and we do not have anything to do with the future if the device out of service for more than 48 hours or the number is not user or the device does not support receive SMS messages.
  • Not the user the right to transfer or allocation of this service and the rights embedded by any party Akhrdon prior written consent of Saudi SMS. It also Saudi SMS right to possess all the benefits for the user as a result of this procedure in case it happens.
  • To manage the site the right to stop any user who is using the sender name is not entitled to be used to circumvent and structure of identity theft, and among these names (STC, ALJAWAL, Mobily and so on) if he changed the wording of the name of the sender marking or breaks such as AL- JAWAL, and the account will not be opened again until the user sends a pledge not to repeat it for submission to the competent authorities when requested.
  • To manage the site the right to stop any user who is using the system to send annoying messages or illegal or attacks on people or government institutions, private or public figures or defamatory in any way.
  • User sent archive will be save for 3 months only.