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send the most important activities or announcements about you, you're just a few steps!

Start Now and Create groups and add contacts and send.

1. Create your account

You can create your account within minutes, by filling out the Registration Form and immediately enter to see the possibilities

2. What is Sending programs used by clients?

Web application - Noor School - Memo Program - Mobile Application

3. What Next Registration?

After you select your program to be adopted to send, start immediately to add groups and sender name and you can use the import from Excel file to add transmitter destinations at once.

4. Be Smart!

Smart Groups is a new service has been launched recently, and this service enables the inclusion of other data in addition to the name and number, for example, you can add your age, salary, date of birth and, and so on, and you can send a private message each person containing that data.

5. The last step?

Just select the group, type the text of your message, and press Send Button.

6. Is the message will deliver?

The message arrives 100% unless it is separated from the mobile service, or out of coverage, or enabled block messages from the Internet through its service provider, or closed for a long time.

7. How can I contact with saudisms ?

Mobile (support) : 0555089784

Mobile (offers) : 920007120

E-mail :

8. Congratulations, you're done!