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SaudiSMS Team is working hard to provide the best mobile SMS services. Also, SaudiSMS provides several SMS services to schools as well as businesses. In SaudiSMS we always strive to be in touch with our customers regarding their business and to support them for their success.

SaudiSMS Services for Businesses


Communicate with your staff
Be in touch with your staff at any time. Get your work accomplished in the fastest time with SaudiSMS . Communicate with your staff with ease and low cost, since the cost of 1000 SMS is very low. SaudiSMS offers SMS service for businesses in order to support the success of your organization.

Communicate with your customers
As a SMS service provider, SaudiSMS performs all tasks of developing outstanding programs for your organization to communicate with your customers, whether customer's data is present on customer's database or SaudiSMS may develop a database for your organization to be able to count your customers and inform them of new products and services or of developments in their projects and orders.

SaudiSMS Services for Schools


As it is our commitment to provide the best and latest services to our esteemed customers, we have designed the "Mobile SMS for Schools Program," which is a link between parents and the management of their child's school. Through this program, which can be installed on all versions of Windows, parents and teachers can be in touch through text messages. You can download a free copy of the program and all what you have to do to be able to send text messages is to subscribe to the service through the site. Enjoy sending SMS through one of Mobile SMS for Schools programs:

  • Noor Program

Send SMS in the following cases:

  • Absence from school.
  • Late for daily morning exercises
  • Late to attend the class.
  • Mobile SMS to all parents.
  • Mobile SMS to some of parents.
  • Mobile SMS to all teachers.

SaudiSMS Services for Hospitals and Private Clinics


SaudiSMS Team is searching for all the ideas that help our customers and make them distinct from others in their various fields. One of the most significant fields is the medical field (hospitals, medical institutions, clinics). Doctors and workers in the health sector need constant communication with patients and provide ongoing advice to them. In SaudiSMS, we provide the best means of communication via SMS, with setting up a later sending time via MemoSMS program.

What distinguishes the MemoSMS program in hospitals and doctors' work:

  • Communication with patients to inform them of important emergency dates and medical information useful to them
  • Alarming on the dates of visits and sending these alerts on time.
  • Informing the public of clinic/hospital work dates and services.
  • Scheduling dates of hospital staff and reminding them of the important conferences.
  • Adding all mobile numbers via Excel files, or directly.

You can know more about the features of the MemoSMS Program and download it by Click Here.