Saudi SMS
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SaudiSMS Programs

Mobile Applications
Saudi SMS is the most famous name in the world of mobile messaging in Saudi Arabia Saudi SMS offers the best services to send short communications in Saudi Arabia (SMS messages and schools and businesses), we strive to be our customers to always respect their work and hope to be one of the most important reasons for their success and here we provide application services to different stores.


School Programs

Etqan Program
Etqan Program complement the series of successes in our school Programs to bring all the features in a single, easy and professional staff in response to the suggestions and ideas of our customers.

“In response to the desire of the dear customers were Saudisms design Etqan Program so as to save all customer data to server so that the client access to information in any place easily. ”


Programs For Companies & Institutions and Individuals

MEMO sms Program
Memo program sms, is one of Saudi SMS services to send messages deferred time, where we have special programming for transmission system through your personal computer to be through the addition of import as well as export numbers and a lot of services.

Memo helps you create and change appointments and send messages at any time you want, you do not need to book appointments anymore The program sponsor to meet all your needs and your appointments correspondence to you.