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Memo SMS Program
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Memo SMS

Memo sms program , is one of Saudi SMS services to send messages deferred time, where we have special programming for transmission system through your personal computer to be through the addition of import as well as export numbers and a lot of services.

Memo program helps you create and change appointments and send messages at any time you want, you do not need to book appointments anymore The program sponsor to meet all your needs and your appointments correspondence to you.


Program features :

  • Scheduled Messages, to be sent later.
  • Direct connection between Saudi sms site and program Memo sms.
  • The possibility to change the color and logo of the program to become your own.
  • Speed and ensure the arrival of messages and ease of use.
  • You can add more than one new membership.
  • You can add your own sender's name.
  • You can modify your private data.
  • You can send templates ready for storage.
  • Import numbers from Excel file format (csv) and text format file (txt).
  • You can export figures in the form of an Excel file for you to use elsewhere.
The following are videos explaining the program :