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How To Register
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How to Register ?

Registration in the Saudi site SMS is simple, to become one of our customers and enjoy all of the services of a Saudi SMS, go to the registration page Click Here

In order to be the registration process successfully make sure all information added while registration, with care to write No. mobile phone your own.
After the completion of the registration process and the system will send a text message contain code activating participate and make sure of the validity of the mobile phone and that under the coverage of a Saudi SMS.

Your activation code

  • It is the code sends the mobile phone after completing the registration form.
  • This code is sent to make sure that the registered mobile phone is a special student subscription and in order to preserve the privacy of others.
  • After the arrival of the activation code to your mobile phone subscription for you to complete your registration procedure and enter the activation code Subscribe, click here to get to the page to activate the subscription.
  • Enter all the required information to the activation code and the subscription will be activated immediately.
  • After this step, you can use the system well and enjoy the services of Saudi SMS.
  • The system will automatically allocate three messages for you as an experiment for the service, then you need to add credit to your account by shipping requests.

Our clients always strive to deliver what the clock will satisfy you, do not hesitate to contact us to always be able to answer your questions