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How To Import Contacts
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Import Contacts

now you can import your own data -names & numbers- and add them to the appropriate group, your pre-recorded in your account in saudisms

Practical steps to import contacts successfully:

Create Excel file to import

Follow these steps if your Contacts are stored in Excel file before you import to your Contacts via our website
  • Open Excel, and then open your file.
  • Format must be two columns , one for name and other for number

Note: you can download the Template form file Excel, click here to download Template

  • Now the file is now ready to import via our Site

Import Excel file

  • After login to your account go to left menu and choose Groups And Contacts
  • Click on the link Import from file
  • Select the group you want to import Contacts
  • Upload the file from your PC through the Browse button
  • Click on button Read File Data

Then additional data will appear under the button
  • Mobile phone, name, please choose the order in which the matching columns as a Excel that you uploaded it
  • Then choose the contacts that you want to import from the table
  • Or select all contacts by choosing Select all
  • Then the final step by clicking on Save button to finish the import process

Our clients always strive to deliver what the clock will satisfy you, do not hesitate to contact us to always be able to answer your questions