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Our interest and belief in the importance of technical assistance in our daily lives and which has become an important part in various aspects of life we had to cope with such a surge of informatics for harnessed for the educational community. And we are now put between your hands our new of Etqan Program and which contains many advantages that would facilitate the administrative work and educational and completed the required form, were also added a group of advanced services and which provide free our customers only.


About Program

Etqan Program complement the series of successes in our school Programs to bring all the features in a single, easy and professional staff in response to the suggestions and ideas of our customers.

Program Features:

In response to the desire of the dear customers were Saudisms design Etqan Program so as to save all customer data to server so that the client access to information in any place easily.

Send Messages :
  • Send messages scheduled automatically sent by identifying your transmitter the message.
  • Send messages to the students and the absence of messages and delay.
  • Send messages to teachers and the absence of messages and delay.
  • Send messages to the groups and the absence of messages and delay.
  • Alert duplicate figures and correct before transmission.
  • Add Custom Templates ready for transmission.
  • In addition to Amend the name of the consignee.

System Responses :

system you can send messages to parents and receive reply from them, such as sending messages or delay and absence request explain why, so the parent can explain why attaching a picture as a health certificate or other

how it work ?

Using External Link or SMS , More Details Click Here

Fingerprint System :

  1. Unique SMS Saudi in Saudi Arabia to submit attendance and leave system through fingerprint device for students, teachers and groups.
  2. through your fingerprint can identify absence delays daily students, teachers and other groups where the absence is determined automatically delay after the registration in the program.
  3. all you need to pull the data of attendance from the device and the software will identify the absence of delays in seconds.
Add information :
  • Add students through the use of the central light system base or knowledge base or any external file or manually.
  • Add teachers through the use of the central light system base or knowledge base or any external file or manually.
  • Add other groups can be used for administrators and workers through any external file or manually.
  • You can also export all data to external files.
Absence and delays :
  • Add the absence of students.
  • Add a lack of teachers.
  • Add the absence of other groups.
  • Add delay students.
  • Add delay for teachers.
  • Add delay to other groups.
  • Add the absence of absence of source file system Noor.
  • You can add absences automatically delays through the recording of attendance and leave by Fingerprint system

System of sub-users :

  1. By branches user system you can add a sub-user and the allocation of powers such as his (transmitter - print reports - adjusted data - delete data ...... etc).
  2. The balance can be customized for the user of the sub-balance in Saudi SMS Search does not exceed this balance when the transmitter.
  3. System users can branches of knowledge of any of the process, whether sending or start any Information.

Archive system :

  1. By the archive system you can save your data upon completion of the Aldarcyh year so that it can be consulted at a later date.
  2. It can also be recovered by the emergence of whether they are students or teachers or other groups.

Custody school system:

  1. You can now with Saudi SMS registration school term within the program and print the records transfer custody.
  2. an inventory of existing custody.
General Reports :
  • Print reports with sent messages to students and teachers and groups.
  • Print reports absences for students, teachers and groups.
  • Print reports delay days for students, teachers and groups.
  • Print reports with absence statistics delays and the number of days of absence and delays for each student.
  • Control the format of the report by changing the colors and add your logo and school name.
  • There are also special reports system will be explained later.

System students Results :

  1. You can now add the results of the students in the course materials.
  2. Send the results in a text message to the parents.
  3. Print the results for all students.