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SaudiSMS Team is working hard to provide the best mobile SMS services. Also, SaudiSMS provides several SMS services to schools as well as businesses. In SaudiSMS we always strive to be in touch with our customers regarding their business and to support them.
Services for Groups
Services for Groups

You can create your groups,contacts and will be able to send sms to all groups and invdividual group by just a one click.

Services for Individual
Services for Individual

Special Occasion Messages like greeting and Muaida (Congrats upon feasts) etc are the most sent messages. Subscribe now, try this service and be in touch with your loved ones.

Services for Schools
Services for Schools

We provide unique solutions for schools to support sending SMS easily with the possibility of receiving responses from parents and archiving it for later use.

Services for Businesses
Services for Businesses

Communicate with your employees or clients easily through our available softwares and get rid of communication troubles and there is some other solutions that help your business.

Services for Hospitals & Clinics
Services for Hospitals & Clinics

To send appointments and changes that may occur to the clinic’s timetable, with a single click. You can notify all your patients and gain their satisfaction.

Support for all programming languages
Support for all programming languages

If you have developers, we provide you with systems for direct communication, sending and charging via your account with us. You can get help now.

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Reply System
Now you can send your SMS and get response from the receiver and receiver can attach images with responds.
Linking your account with the central Noor
Now you can linking your account in saudiSMS with the central Noor system of the ministry of education.
SaudiSMS Friends
Now you can earn points when you recharge your account or invite your friends to try SaudiSMS services .
Etqan Desktop
Etqan is the most popular in the Saudi Arabia with all features and capabilities you need for your school.
Etqan APP
Our interest and belief in the importance of technical assistance in our daily lives and which has become
Remote Assistance
To ensure that we provide all means of comfort and communicate with all of our customers put between your

Products SaudiSMS

SaudiSMS Team is working hard to provide the best mobile SMS services. Also, SaudiSMS provides several SMS services to schools as well as businesses.
Nour V3Etqan Program
MEMO ProgramMEMO Program
Mobile AppsMobile Apps
Saudi APISaudi API
Etqan Program
Etqan School Program is an addition to the series of successes of school Programs to combine all the features in a single program, in easy and professional way, and as a response to the suggestions and ideas of our esteemed customers. To meet the needs of our esteemed customers, the program is designed in such a way that all customers' data will be saved on program server where the customers can access their information anywhere with ease, while providing full protection to maintain the confidentiality of and secure the customers' data, with the possibility to retrieve a backup copy of it in case of loss of any data.
The program also contains a lot of advanced services, which are provided free of charge to our esteemed customers (SMS reply system, fingerprint attendance and leave system, sub-users system, school inventory system, the reporting system, behavior and attendance system, linking with the NOOR central system, student attainment system, etc.), in addition to basic services of sending absenteeism and delay SMS and reports.
For more information about program, click here.
MEMO Program
SaudiSMS provides a variety of services so as to facilitate the daily work of our esteemed customers, as we strive to allow our customers to be always in contact with all their business, and we hope to be one of the main reasons for their success. The success of our customers is success for us, so we, in SaudiSMS, draw multi-colored bright image for companies in the Arab World by providing the best global services. For our customers to access these wonderful services, we designed Memo SMS program, which provides a lot of services to our customers (companies, institutions, individuals), where you can use the program and enjoy a lot of services that make it easier to communicate with your customers, employees, family or friends. Through the program, you can add countless contacts and send SMS to them in just a few seconds, and you can add as many groups (customers, staffs, parents, etc.)
In addition, you can add and choose your company or organization contacts so that the SMS will be sent under your name and you can send SMS with specific date if you are busy and unable to access your device, where a subsequent time of SMS sending will be scheduled and sent automatically without the need for checking your device.
For more information about program, please visit the program page click here.
Mobile Apps
In light of the escalating progress in smartphones and its widespread globally until it became a necessary means in today 's world, SaudiSMS offers to our esteemed customers our SMS APP to provide you with services wherever you are. Now you can download our application from different stores and take advantage of all services to send text messages, where you can connect the mobile application to your account on our site, access your numbers and groups on the site and send SMS to them. Also, you can send SMS to the numbers on your mobile phone easily. Additionally, you can add new groups, numbers and names of your own and send deferred messages later. You can also extract reports of SMS sent from your mobile and print them with ease.
Download application now and enjoy services. For more information about application, Click here.
Saudi API
SaudiSMS team is trying hard to provide the latest global technologies so as to make it easy for its customers to use the site system. Therefore, we provide the API system for SMS sending portal.
If you have any application that is programmed in any language or you are a programmer and intend to create an application that supports sending mobile SMS, you can take advantage of SaudiSMS API through adding it in your code to send SMS via our portal. SaudiSMS also provides a number of Add-on tools in various programming languages that help linking your program.
For more information, please visit the page dedicated to explain the API click here.

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